Your lighthouse in the world of the taxes, accounting, audit and financial consultancy world.


We offer a wide range of prompt and precise services for all levels of business activities, thus decreasing your administrative burden and allowing you to concentrate on your business:

  • Accounting administration, including ensuring the preparation of all related tax schedules and representing clients during proceedings with the tax authorities at our company offices;
  • Payroll administration, including representing clients during proceedings with the social security administration and health insurance companies;
  • Economic and tax consulting;
  • Performance of financial analyses and preparation of long-term financial plans, especially to meet bank requirements;
  • Consulting services in relation to transforming a company’s legal form;
  • Comprehensive reconstruction of bookkeeping records; and
  • Reporting to meet client requirements.

The format and frequency for taking over supporting materials, primarily for accounting a payroll administration, is determined on the basis of an agreement with each client. Out reports are transferred at least once monthly.

Over the course of each accounting period, clients can take advantage of document archival services provided at our premises. We provide services from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on business days. Operational contact is guaranteed through mobile telephone communications with individual employees. The company’s Prague offices are located in the immediate proximity of the Budějovická Metro Station (Line C) and close to the Náměstí Míru Metro Station (Line A). Ample parking opportunities are also available.


“They say that money does not make one happy – they surely mean other people’s money.”


Agentura ACP, s.r.o.